"A ray of light in a world of darkness signifies hope" -Elle

Purity Is Key

We take pride on using the most natural ingredients

Special touches make all the difference

Luxurious oils and butters make up our massage candle

Our line consists of primarily custom blends

We aim to make our customers' experiences memorable

Our Story

Serenity Candles By Elle was created during my search to find the most healthy eco-friendly candles to use in my home being a chronic migraine sufferer.  I wanted to make natural lifestyle changes which began with products I was being exposed to. The search became fruitless and frustrating.  So I decided to create my own!  At the beginning of this journey, I quickly learned that natural environmentally conscious candles were not always pure or cost efficient. I realized it was easy to create candles using inferior waxes and ingredients - which is exactly what I wanted to stay away from.  After reading several books, watching countless videos, the time came when I felt confident enough to create my first candle. Needless to say it was a complete disaster!  I continued testing, retesting, doing more research and was stoked when I finally nailed something that was beautiful, fragrant and performed well. Fast forward to present day...I'm proud to say I use 100% natural soy wax derived only from US grown soybeans.  The wicks used are 100% cotton and fragrances are vegetable based.  They are free of carcinogens and soot.  They burn cleaner, longer and more safely than paraffin wax based candles - which is especially important for homes with children and fur babies.  Your safety and satisfaction will always  be paramount and my mission is to continuously provide you with a superior product using the best ingredients.

Our Journey


"Today I'm wearing the oil massage candle as a skin moisturizer/light perfume.  It's glorious! It makes my skin feel soft but not oily and the scent is light, sweet and fresh."    - Kim P

"One of my favorite product- all natural massage oil (smells like heaven)"   - Virge R.

"The scent the candles are very strong.  It fills the entire room. The scent is even present when the candle isn't lit. Keep up the good work" -Michael W.

”Since ordering the moisture stick I no longer use perfume.  This stuff is amazing”  - Nya P

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